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Permetal from Armin Trade

Permetal is the leading product with revolutionary professional formula.
Through its most advanced technology can thoroughly eliminate the toughest encrusted grease with minimal effort.
Its high efficiency makes it unprecented.
Permetal is the market leader in all the markets where present.

Main infromation of Permetal degreaser

  • Unique formula, ultra-powerful agent based on well-chosen ratio of alkali, neonate surfactants and solvents.
  • Cleans stubborn grease from ovens, barbecues, ventilation hoods, cookers, fryers etc.
  • Quickly and efficiently removes tough grease in 5-15 minutes with strong & stabile active foam.
  • Safe and easy to use in line with EU CLP regulations Child-resistant trigger spray 360 spraying. Easy to rinse.

Available in 2 types: 

  • super strong
  • ultra strong

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