About Armin Trade

Private Label Solutions

We have years of experience in implementing private label solutions.


Product development is a complex process that involves many steps full of unforeseen issues to solve. In depth knowledge of the local, european laws, certifications or other legal requirements is a must. Finding a suitable supplier is always tricky: you're looking for the best price but also for the best quality, so have to find the right balance to match your needs. The supplier needs to be reliable both in financial terms so they would live up to their warranty claims in case something goes bad, and both in quality terms so that the selected product and quality levels should be stable. Suppliers should be reviewed regulary to ensure ongoing competitiveness.

Manufactured products from the suppliers should be shipped, imported, custom cleared, their certifications localized, the whole process involves 4-5 different fields requiring different know-hows.


Our product development team has all the experience and knowledge required for successful implementation of private label solutions. Being local representatives for several european and asian brands, we have been involved in product development cycles of these brands, we have been implementing several private label solutions for our customers from the first ideas until the products are on the shelves. We provide private label products with the neccessary certifications, we ensure that all legal requirements are met, we take over the burden of logistics, import, customs clearance as well, and most important of all, we take over the risk of running into supplier not living up to the expectations: we give private label solutions local warranty backed by our own team. Our marketing team is happy to assist with designing and implementing POS materials, catalogs, leaflets or other marketing tools you might need.