About Armin Trade

Industrial Lighting Solutions

Full-scale implementation of industrial lighting solutions or modernisation projects


Besides supplying products for industrial lighting solutions or modernisation projects, our team of engineers can also provide full-scale implementation, We have been involved in construction and modernisation of lighting solutions for many industrial and commercial partners. We do on-site examination for existing solutions and make recommendation based on customer requirements. For big-scale projects we implement the 3D view of the building and can design and demonstrate lighting solutions before anything is done, so that our customers can visualize how exactly the solution would work out. During this process we are able to measure the light intensity and ensure that both customer and regulatory requirements are met. For modernisation projects we calculate the rate of return so it's clear for the customer to see the benefits of their investment.

Projects implemented by our team comply to regulations, and our own electrical compliance inspectors issue the electrical safety compliance and lighting compliance reports needed for factory or mall buildings' authorisations. For more information, references or actual inquiries please contact us.