About Armin Trade

Brand Distribution

Looking for a reliable supplier? Or looking for a distributor for your own brands and products? Our sucess is confirmed by thousands of our satisfied customers and brand owners.


The Armin team have years of combined experience in distribution and commercial trading. Thanks to our professional approach, we have been awarded several brands for distribution in Hungary. We are one of the few companies having full country coverage sales force, combine that with our own custom developped cutting edge sales tablet system, and these make us number one of the traditional trade in Hungary.

Why we are the best solution?

Customer is number one!

Our success is rooted in our satisfied customers. We always pay special attention for our customers' needs and wishes, we keep on innovating to serve them better. We understand that every customer is as important as the rest no matter of how big of the business we do.

For us, the old mantra of "customer is number one" is still alive.

Proven record with over 5500 customers

Top quality service, competitive pricing, robust infrastructure, stable supply and always extending product range. These are just some of the advanteges our partners enjoy. They can focus solely on building their business as they have a sound foundation: us working hard behind the scene. Our combined purchasing volume also ensures that we're able to offer continuous comptetitive pricing, no matter how prices move.


Being a distributor ensures continuous brand support

We always keep close contact with our brands' owners. We ensure that these brands' have continuous marketing support, we deliver POS materials, changes and upgrades to the product lines are communicated swiftly, we collect market feedback and share with our suppliers to direct their development cycles. Besides the marketing support given by our suppliers, we have our own marketing department making bi-monthly product catalogues, regular promotions and advertisements,


24h Delivery Service*


No matter where our customers located in Hungary, be it the farthest from the capital, or the most remote small village, we make sure to deliver customer orders in 24 hours. Our automated order processing system allows us to start collecting orders within 1 minute from being placed. Collected orders are being double checked before finalizing them, and passing for delivery on the next working day.

*for orders placed by 16:00, and products on stock

Full Country Coverage

Our network of sales representatives cover 97,2% of Hungary, allowing us to deliver our products and services from the major cities to the the farthest villages.If a customer has multiple sales locations, we service each separately so our customers don't have to spend their time and resources tied up with intra-company stock logistics. No matter where you are, our sales representatives are there to service you!

Dedicated sales reps for you

Besides traditional merchandising service, our sales representatives learn the business needs of our customers and find a way to make their custom solution requirements a reality. Personalized promotions and drives are conducted according to our customers needs and in line with our brandowners expectations. Changes and upgrades to the product lines are communicated and demonstrated in person, gathered feedbacks are incorporated into future product develoment.