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    the success of our brands.

About us

The Armin team has been engaged in distribution and trade of brands since its establishment in 2008. We serve both traditional and modern trade, have extensive reseller network and cover several sales channels. The foundation of our traditional trade operations is our direct salesforce consisting of 18 sales representatives, covering 100% of the territory of Hungary. We supply modern trade supermarket chains, and are experiencing an extensive growths in this area too. Our team of 45 dedicated persons now serves over 5500 satisfied customers.

We are recognised as market leaders in many segments of the Hungarian electro-distribution market. Thanks to our years of hard working we have built up an extensive distributor and partner network throughout the whole Eastern European region.

We are the professional solution for those looking for dedicated brand representatives in Hungary or in the whole Eastern Europe region.

By 2015 we have become

market leaders

in traditional trade

We have over

5500 satisfied


The team

We operate a sales representative network covering the whole country, and have over 5500 satisfied customers.

Our sales network consits of 18 sales representatives, each sales representative is dedicated to handle a specified region, the customers and new incoming customers of that given region, offer these customers our ongoing or custom-made promotions, they do shelf service and communicate product innovations. 

Our sales representatives are supported by key sales representatives and central sales, who also help us to extend our market presence in various channels.

Key partners modern trade partners are being served by our key-account managers.

Our sales infrastructure is highly efficient and targeted towards fast and flawless delivery service: our sales representatives use our internally developped tablet system. This system has real-time access to product's stock availability, contains all detailed product information and pictures, brand catalogs. One big advantage of this sytem is that orders are processed real-time, so we are able to collect them and deliver in 24 hours.

Available product types

Lighting technologies

The most important product line of our company is the lighting technology. Energy saving lighting sources, LED lamps, halogens and cheap bulbs belong to our assortment. We cover our products sortiment by 3 main brands: Polaroid, Avide and Entac.

Mobile energy

Our mobile energy assortment includes the most important brands on the market from entry level pricing to market leading products. Among these brands we have Duracell, acting as the Hungarian sub-distributor with an emphasized role of distributing the worldwide known brand’s food and non-food products on the independent market.

Agfaphoto is the most significant entry/mid-priced brand that we represent as the Eastern European logistics and distribution central. Another important brand of our assortment as Hungarian distributor is Sony. To ensure the broad selection of represented brands we have Entac, Energizer, Varta, Panasonic and Camelion as well on our pallette.

Lighting tools

Our flagship lamp brand is one of the world's leading brands, Fenix. The Fenix lamps are LED-technology flashlights with outstanding quality. Their products have wide assortment, fantastic efficiency, and unbreakable and robust structure. All Fenix lamps have a 5-year guarantee, and they are water-, dust- and shockproof. Our company distributes Entac flashlights in the entry level pricing category for everyday use. 

Hygiene and cosmetics

According to market demands our company works with several hygiene and cosmetics products too. Under the label of Gillette we have razors, blades, foams, gels available and seasonal gift packs also available. Amongst the entry level products we have Entac super glues in our assortment in 2 g and 3 g edition.

Data storages, headphones

However the market of traditional storage media is getting more and more insignificant every year our goal is to provide full range service to our clients with the distribution of Agfaphoto and Sony storage media.